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A smudge fan is used along with the burning of sage to cleanse the body or home from negative energy. Smudging can be found, in various forms, in almost every culture around the world as a means of spiritual cleansing.  While it is considered rude or unclean to blow the burning sage with ones mouth, it is more hygienic and efficient to use a fan. Native Americans believe the smudge fan, or spirit stick, is a symbol of spiritual communication and is reserved mainly for spiritual leaders.  While any fan will do, your ritual tools should be meaningful to you.  Many cultures believe that animals, rocks and trees store energy in their remains, which makes every element of your ritual fan important and personal, when using it for spiritual purposes. For that reason, our smudge fans are made from the highest quality natural materials (flora & fauna) to not only catch the eye but also ensure that it gives the best energy possible.

Our Third Eye fan is designed with 2 rows of wild turkey feathers for maximum waftability. We placed a large peacock eye in the center, to represent the third eye chakra, or second sight. We have included a leather string loop on the handle for ease of hanging.

This fan contains these natural ingredients:
Brown Turkey tail feathers
White Turkey Primary Feathers
Turquoise rooster feathers
Peacock eye feather
Rabbit fur
Genuine Suede leather
Wood handle
Buckskin lace

Dimensions: 17”x 12”
Length (from tip of the handle to longest feather): 17 inches
Wide: the breadth of feather spray: 12 inches

*NATURAL VARIATIONS: We make each fan look as close to the listing picture as possible, using the same materials, dimensions and style. There may, however, be tiny variations in color and texture of the fur, feathers, and leather.

Feather Smudge Fan - Third Eye