The Conjuring Tree is a premier metaphysical store that also offers rustic decor. We specialize in making  wooden ritual wands, feather smudge fans, scented candles, candlesticks, staves, athames, and various other metaphysical crafts. We also offer a variety of rustic decorations, Renaissance & Viking collectibles, and a huge assortment of world-renown Veronese Bronze statues. The Conjuring Tree is based on the ancient Druidic belief that trees are symbols of divinity. Like Druids' trees, we hope our products conjure love, light, & laughter for everyone. Blessed be.

Open House: Sat. Oct 17, 2020

9am - 3pm

4082 W 6305 S Taylorsville, UT 84129

*Everything on this site and so much more is available for purchase at this event. Don't miss it!

for cleansing

Ritual Wands: the Magic of Trees

Find out how wands work. Get connected with your wand!

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Our pledge of excellence:
Our products are made by hand, from high quality all-natural materials;
Real fur. Real feathers. Real wood. Real Magic.

Farmington Craft Fair October 6, 2018

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The Conjuring Tree, LLC

Located in Taylorsville Utah, 84129

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