The Conjuring Tree is Salt lake City's premier wand maker and pagan wood shop. We offer a variety of  pagan ritual tools & decor; most of which are hand-crafted right here in our shop.  We make  magic wands, smudge fans, scented candles, candlesticks, staves, athames, and various other magical crafts. And if that isn't enough, we also offer a wide variety of rustic, renaissance & viking collectibles & antiques; perfect for Meade hall, cabin, & cottage decor. The Conjuring Tree is based on the ancient Druidic belief that trees are symbols of divinity. Like Druids' trees, we hope our products conjure love, light, & laughter for you too.

Blessed be.

Ritual Wands: the Magic of Trees

Find out how wands work. Get connected with your wand!

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for cleansing

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Farmington Craft Fair October 6, 2018

Our pledge of excellence:
Our products are made by hand, from high quality all-natural materials;
Real fur. Real feathers. Real wood. Real Magic.

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