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Candles, Crafts, & Curiosities

with a touch of magic

The Conjuring Tree is Salt lake City's premier pagan ritual shop that offers a variety of magical items; hand-made in our workshop.  Woodwork is our specialty. as we've compiled the magical folk-lore of trees from around the world. We make  hand-crafted magic wands, smudge fans, scented candles, and various other crafts. The Conjuring Tree is named after the ancient druid's belief that trees, symbols of the divine, carry magical properties, and must be at the center of every gathering. Like the druids' tree, we hope our products help bring souls together and aid in conjuring love, light, & laughter.

Blessed be.

Smudge Fans

What makes the Conjuring Tree the best?
Our products are made by hand, from high quality all-natural materials;
Real fur. Real feathers. Real wood. Real Magic.

Farmington Craft Fair October 6, 2018

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